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In this book, the author analyses all important aspects of the holistic approach of Law, including the main trends in a global as well as a Brazilian justice for the third millennium; he studies the main characteristics of the holistic lawyer and, in a simple and objective way, shows how to improve the quality of life on many different levels such as physical and mental health, as well as energy and emotion, leading finally to the serenity derived from meditation and to the power of awakening our cosmic consciousness; thus bringing wisdom and balance for the benefit of our society, the environment and a life in harmony with other criatures.

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It is for this reason that the book is being presented in the style of a manual, with many practical exercises, and numerous quotations which aim to familiarize the reader with certain aspects of knowledge not usually met with in daily life, but which demonstrate the scientific truth and immediate applicability of these holistic techniques.
Sérgio Neeser Nogueira Reis was graduated in Law by the Catholic University of Salvador, in 1984, with post-graduation in Commercial and Tax Law; he is Vice-President of "Lightand Life Sanctuary" a self-healing Institute. Legal Director of Unipeace Association, Bahia, an institution related to the International Holistic University of Brasilia. Representative in Brazil of "The International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers" seated in Vermont, USA.

Holistic Vision of LAW

A practical guide for the jurist of the third millennium


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