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Check out my YouTube channel “Mãe Pode Tudo”, which means “Mom Can do Everything” in Portuguese.   I created this channel to bring more lightness, high spirits and inner peace in this pandemic 2020. I am a writer, lawyer and transpersonal therapist and I love the digital environment, despite four books written, blogs and lectures, I have this challenge to do a little more in this quarantine.

In 2002, I founded a NGO called MONGA – Mulheres Organizadas e Não Governadas Anônimas (Anonymous Organized and Non-Governed Women) to protect the rights of women, children, adolescents and the elderly, working for peace in homes though educational campaigns, books, blogs, site, conferences and on-line movements against the domestic violence.

As an activist for women’s rights and peace in homes, I know that in times of war, conflict, epidemic and pandemic, women are the hardest hit because they expose themselves to protect more everyone in the family. Domestic violence has increased exponentially during this pandemic. We need to come together and face domestic violence.

Our work has increased: now, it is on-line, off-line, “whatever-line” work (a term that I ended up creating by pure suffocation), because we have gained one more permanent job over the portfolio of “whatever happens”. Believe me or not  to my own surprise my joy increased!?! I am more critical and “revoltz” (revolutionary in high voltage) now than ever. Find out HOW we’re going to go through it is all that really matters. Feel free to tell me what you think on this subject.  I wished this videos could have a legenda with translation into English… who knows it is about time to create another channel in English?!

Please share it with the Brazilian friends you may have.
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Tania Motta Nogueira Reis
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